Yorktown Trail Crew

Yorktown Trail Crew
East Hudson Trails

Meeting Place:

Various locations in the Town of Yorktown depending on the particular project. 

Work Days:

May run any day


As needed, all year

 About the crew

Pimarily a pick up crew that assemble on an as needed basis, the Yorktown Trail Crew welcomes anyone who wants to work on a trail building project. Members of Westchester Mountain Biking Association have joined on many projects in the Town of Yorktown. Projects have included construction of boardwalks, bridges, puncheon and rehabilitation of trails

If you would like to volunteer for any of our work projects, contact one of the leaders.  Bring water, lunch, work gloves, and friends. We supply tools. There is work for every level of interest. 

Our projects can be a single trip, multiple work trips or small projects suitable for 2-3 people. Call one of the leaders if you have some free time and we will try to get together.

Yorktown Trail Crew loves youth projects and corporate or church service projects. We will work with you to find something suitable and will supply appropriate leaders.Our leaders have had background checks that are necessary for working with youth.

Other trail crews join us including Trail Tramps, Friends of FDR State Park, Westchester Mountain Biking Association, Yorktown Trail Town, Boy Scout Eagle projects. The Eagle Projects do not need other participants and dates will not be announced, but we can occasionally use technical supervisors from the crew to assist them.

    Past projects


    Upcoming Work Trips

    No upcoming work-trips found here.


    Stone arch bridge over Seely Brook in Goosepond Mountain State Park. Photo by Marty Costello.
    Long Distance Trails Crew Completes Stone Arch Bridge

    The repaired stone arch bridge over Seely Brook greatly improves safety and trail experiences in